OMG – last week I took a break from life and went on a personal retreat & restoration excursion.  Yah….yes I did.  And we all need to do that for ourselves.  During this excursion I….spa’d it….rested…read…wine & dined.
During this time away I wrapped my loving arms around myself and indulged in a Fire, Rock, Water and Light massage. It was unlike any massage I’ve ever experienced and I’ve experienced a lot of massages over the last 20 years. This massage/body treatment started with having to make a decision. The exact thing that I was trying to get away from ~ ugh. In order to enjoy my retreat I had to make a decision. Not a mind boggling decision just a decision about what scents did I want to consume the room for the next 90 minutes. So I reluctantly gave in (smile) and landed on Rock; an aromatherapy massage oil blend of sage, rosemary, juniper and spruce. Not something I’d ordinarily choose but heck I was on a personal retreat in search of restoration. So trying something different was appropriate. And then, I had to make another decision. I was like awe come on man. What music did I want to have played? Oh, that decision was easy – let’s just shuffle it, a little acoustic guitar, Indian rhythms, relaxation vibes and soft piano melodies. With those decisions made Joe (the massage therapist) promised that I was in for an exquisite treat. He stepped out of the room; I crawled up on the massage table and anxiously awaited his return. You see I’ve spent the last 4 months working assiduously to start my newest entrepreneurial venture The Women’s Empowerment Instituteand now it was time to reward myself for a job well done.When Joe returned the Fire, Rock, Water, Light body treatment experience began. It started with silky Rock massage oil being poured over every limb of my body, followed by a salt scrub massage that tantalized my skin. This marvelous scrub was followed by what I’m calling an adult water hose experience. A perfectly placed Vichy shower hung over head and it pulsed, spattered, swirled and saturated my body with impeccably tempered water. Freaking Amazing! Next I crawled off the massage table into a steaming hot bathtub engulfed in bubbles, where I sat and meditated and reflected on my accomplishments for a while. As my body overheated (as most menopausal women do), chilled wash clothes were placed over my eyes and drizzles of freezing cold water on my wrists and ankles. Eventually I reluctantly left my peace and tranquility bath and return to the massage table where he painted my body with a mask that moisturized my soul. The fragrances, the tinder bristles from the paintbrush and the music reminded me that I love me, I am blessed and how extraordinarily important it is to take care of this one body that’s a gift from God.
The “Spark of Brilliance” from this post is this: As women; entrepreneurs, mothers, corporate employees, board executives – we MUST practice self-care, self-empowerment, self-rewards and self-love. Take time to have a personal retreat and restoration moment. Plan for these things; create your personal “selfie” strategy. Start a self-care savings account. Plan for any and everything that you want in life. Plan to reward yourself after each business, personal milestone. Reconnect with your senses; embark upon your personal Soul Rejuvenation. It’s your life and it matters!

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