Are you: A woman who currently holds or desires to hold a leadership role within a corporation or startup? A progressive millennial desiring to become an influencer, a transformational leader or social entrepreneur? Or maybe you’re simply an advocate for social change interested in eradicating women gender inequalities? Whichever category you fall in, WELCOME, the L3 Academy is for you – Ladies Leading and Loving It!


As women of color (all women) your intuition, your gut is telling you you’re being treated differently in the workplace. Some of the time you may even think I’m just being sensitive or emotional. Well, guess what….

In the McKinsey & Lean In 2018 Women in the Workplace Study it stated the following facts:

  • Women are left behind from the get-go
  • Women face an uneven playing field
  • Women view the workplace differently
  • Women receive less support from managers
  • Women get less access to senior leaders
  • Women face everyday discrimination
  • Women are too often the “Only” one
  • Women see a less fair workplace
  • Women think differently about top jobs

Women of color frequently are promoted into leadership roles so company diversity and inclusion metrics can be fulfilled and often the women who have been promoted are not offered the leadership training needed to succeed.

You should be proud of your promotion. Excited to take on a new role.

As a leader you’re expected to:

  • Meet or exceed the engagement program requirements because these statistics are used to determine how companies are perceived/ranked by the rest of the world. Will they make it into the category of the top 100 best places to work? Will they be recognized for gender and diversity equality? Can you increase the engagement on your diverse team to overturn previous year’s results?
  • Figure out why the department or projects financial goals aren’t being met for the year; they’re experiencing a negative hit; stakeholders are grumbling, and you’re required to stay late every single day until the cause of failure is identified.
  • Spend eight hours a day in meetings with global teams and take work home with you on the weekends to meet increasing leadership (VP, CFO, CEO) demands.
  • Miss your child’s after-school activities and dinners with the family.

So, wow not quite the life you expected when you got the news is it?

As a leader…..you’ve become overly stressed, which is impacting your ability to think straight, your performance, your health, team, and home life are all beginning to suck!

All you want is a break and someone who’s been through similar experiences to talk too.

You know there is a better way to lead.

You know you can increase your team’s productivity, your work-life balance, and the company’s bottom line.

But your company isn’t offering the leadership development training, support or tools you so desperately need.

It’s time to take control of your destiny.

It’s time to get the tools, training, and community that will move you down the path to success in both your workplace and life!


Executive Coaching

“Cheryl is quiet in her approach, but forceful in her passion which allows her to ask the difficult questions, push for understanding and reveal the deepest level of truth that exists. With her, it is clear that you have an advocate, someone who believes in you, sometimes more than you believe in yourself.”

– Katrinda McQueen, Director of Change Management, Strategic Initiatives

Entrepreneurship Coaching

“I am really great at what I do but now I’m really wanting to fully scale my business and grow to the next level up. Cheryl showed me some key strategies about how to build my team & scale my business up! She helped me see some of my business blind spots!”

– Ekene Onu, World Renowned Speaker, Coach & Consultant

Executive/Life Coaching

“Participating in this mastermind/leadership training helped me define my passion and a strategy for implementing it. I loved it so much that I decided to invest further in myself and hired Cheryl to become my Executive/Life Coach and boy am I glad I did.  The experience was transformative.  I now realize I’m in control of my destiny, as well as, recognize that I’m a leader even if I don’t wear a manager or director title in corporate America.”

Thank you, Cheryl, for helping me put my dreams to the test and uplevel my leadership game!

-Dorothea Davis, Executive Assistance to Former CEO and Executive Chair, Cisco

After spending the last 30 years working in corporations like IBM, Deloitte & Touch and Coca-Cola, founder Cheryl Cooper has experienced every discriminatory “ism” that could prevent her from excelling up the corporate latter and into the C-Suite. Her vast experience, both good and bad has given her the knowledge and compassion necessary to help other women along that same journey, hopefully with less opposition.

The L3 Academy is designed to close the opportunity gap for women of color (all women) who may not normally have access to high-level corporate leadership training that will grant them a seat at the table, originally reserved only for their white male counterparts. Through weekly inspiration and education, monthly training and masterminds, and quarterly special events, meetups and retreats – this program will address the unique needs of women in leadership and those desiring to uplevel their capabilities.

L3 Academy was created with YOU in Mind

A sisterhood designed to educate, empower and rejuvenate women of color, so we’re equipped to become influencers in the workplace.

“Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less”
~ John C. Maxwell (The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Influence).



WEI’s goal is to provide a support network that not only addresses career aspirations but also equips women with entrepreneurship skills and self-love/personal growth strategies to ensure a holistic approach to success. We know that mindset is an important aspect in pursuit of professional achievement!  We believe in empowering compassionate leaders who put the well-being of their employees at the top of their priority list and desire to create results which emphasize greater productivity and work outcomes. Sign up below to speak with us about getting started!

The L3 Academy - Monthly Rate

  • Weekly Zoom Group Coaching ($300 value)
  • Free Copy of Leadership Journal to Track Your Progress Towards Leadership Blueprint
  • Free Participation in the Women’s Empowerment Institute Challenges

The L3 Academy 12 Months Plan

$997for 12 months
  • Weekly Zoom Group Coaching ($3600 value)
  • Free Copy of Leadership Journal to Track Your Progress Towards Leadership Blueprint
  • Free Copy of Level Up & Lead ($20 value)
  • Two Private Coaching Session Each Month ($300 value)
  • Free Personality Assessment ($75 value)
  • 20% Discount on All Events
  • Free Participation in the Women’s Empowerment Institute Challenges
  • Private Access to Cheryl Cooper, Founder of WEI via Voxer

The L3 Academy 6 Months Plan

$537for 6 months
  • Weekly Zoom Group Coaching ($1800 value)
  • Free Copy of Leadership Journal to Track Your Progress Towards Leadership Blueprint
  • Free Copy of Level Up & Lead ($20 value)
  • One Private Coaching Session Per Month ($150 value)
  • Free Personality Assessment ($75)
  • 10% Discount on All Events
  • Free Participation in the Women’s Empowerment Institute Challenges