What We Need More Of In The World Is Sister Friends!

You’re a leader.  While leadership skills are developed on the inside, leading others takes shape in communities and organizations.

Carrying the mantle alone can be heavy, overwhelming and full of stress.  But with the support and encouragement of other strong women – our Sister Friends – all of that heavy stuff melts away and joy becomes part of every day.

With the help of our Sister Friends we’re encouraged to stretch beyond our wildest dreams, inspired to be courageous and motivated to step into our God given purpose of influencing positive change in the world.

Because doing life with Sister Friends makes everything better, I invite you to dive into a journey of growth, inspiration, collaboration and transformation by becoming a part of this community of sister friends!

How can you make that happen?  Join a mastermind, group coaching program or attend one of our events.  I promise you’ll love it.

Executive Coaching

“Cheryl is quiet in her approach, but forceful in her passion which allows her to ask the difficult questions, push for understanding and reveal the deepest level of truth that exists. With her, it is clear that you have an advocate, someone who believes in you, sometimes more than you believe in yourself.”

– Katrinda McQueen, Director of Change Management, Strategic Initiatives

Entrepreneurship Coaching

“I am really great at what I do but now I’m really wanting to fully scale my business and grow to the next level up. Cheryl showed me some key strategies about how to build my team & scale my business up! She helped me see some of my business blind spots!”

– Ekene Onu, World Renowned Speaker, Coach & Consultant

Executive/Life Coaching

“Participating in this mastermind/leadership training helped me define my passion and a strategy for implementing it. I loved it so much that I decided to invest further in myself and hired Cheryl to become my Executive/Life Coach and boy am I glad I did.  The experience was transformative.  I now realize I’m in control of my destiny, as well as, recognize that I’m a leader even if I don’t wear a manager or director title in corporate America.”

Thank you, Cheryl, for helping me put my dreams to the test and uplevel my leadership game!

-Dorothea Davis, Executive Assistance to Former CEO and Executive Chair, Cisco



Ladies Leading and Loving It

Our Premium Benefits

The ultimate goal of WEI is to provide extraordinary value to everyone we serve so you can:

  • Lessen the income disparity gap

  • Lead extraordinary teams

  • Contribute and thrive in emerging economies

  • Re-affirm your values

  • Find your voice

  • Develop your character and experience inner fulfillment


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